Industrial Services



NFPA 70E Compliance Turn Key Program:

  • NFPA 70e Employee Training
  • Update Facility Single Line Drawings.
  • Arc Flash Labels Designed to Meet Site Specific Requirements.
  • Electrical Maintenance.

How does this preventive service benefit your business?

  • Reduce business interruptions
  • Extend equipment life
  • Minimize electrical utility costs
  • Greatly reduce repair expenses
  • Minimize power quality risks
  • Minimize Life / Safety risks

How we develop a program right for you:

  • First we learn what is important to your operation.
    • What impact does a power outage have on you?
    • Are there financial, security or safety risks involved?
    • What electrical testing / maintenance is already in place?
  • Next we have you complete a comprehensive survey of your electrical distribution system.
    • We inventory your components
    • We identify your most critical areas
    • We evaluate the current condition
    • We review our findings with you and make our recommendations.
  • Together we will develop a customized maintenance program tailored to fit your needs.
    • Cost justification
    • National Fire Protection Agency recommendations
    • ARC flash recommendations
    • Identify budget constraints

Our comprehensive computerized asset management software and certified programs offer a maintenance solution which adds value to your facility and best hedges your electrical risk. Our preventive data management software offers one-line diagrams, panel schedules, and maintenance analysis in an all-in-one facility tool. This computerized tasking of your electrical gears helps inventory electrical assets, catalogs repair work, and offers baseline data on all of your electrical components.

How do we provide the services?